Crowned Heads J.D. Howard

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J.D. Howard Reserve is a throwback to an era where times were wild, yet values upheld. It is an outlaw's take on the laws of tradition. It's an homage to our country's history, and a look towards the future of cigars. The J.D. Howard Reserve blend was built around juxtaposition and contradiction. It's character bold yet refined; it's flavor profile is simple yet complex. It meets your palate with a spicy pepper rush and leaves it with subtly sweet cocoa notes. It is a rugged yet balanced smoke that is medium to full in body and full in flavor.

HR46 - 6 x 46

HR48 - 5 x 48

HR50 - 5.5 x 50

HR52 - 6 x 52

HR54 - 5 x 54