La Palina


  The revival of La Palina was driven by Bill Paley’s desire for a signature luxury cigar for the Lightbourne House, the fabled Paley family retreat in the Bahamas.  Following his grandfather’s dedication to excellence and his parents’ attention to detail, Bill began a journey to revive the all-but-forgotten La Palina brand.  He dedicated himself to creating a cigar emblematic of the original La Palina.
  Bill’s quest for the extraordinary took him to Avelino Lara, the expatriate Cuban Master Blender who created the famed Cohibas for Fidel Castro.  Lara had abandoned Cuba and was heading Enrico Garzioli’s factory at Graycliff in Nassau.  With the acquiescence of Garzioli, Bill worked directly with Lara to create a cigar that appealed to his discriminating palate.
  Avelino Lara passed away in October 2009, but his inspiration lives on, guiding his son Abel, and his loyal Cuban torcedores.  La Palina is honored to capture the joy and spirit of Lara’s greatness in its cigars.  La Palina premium handmade cigars represent a marriage of the finest tobacco leaves, aged, fermented, selected and blended by master artisans.
  La Palina embodies the finest aspects of craftsmanship, rolled in tradition with unwavering quality.  La Palina cigars truly capture the Paley style.  The blend is smooth and well-rounded, a cigar of elegance and finesse.  The draw is easy, the burn is even, and the construction is flawless: an unforgettable experience.