Nadi Cigars was founded in 2011 by cigar aficionados Jeff and Nada Jumper in Southwest Florida. Jeff first started smoking cigars in college, and was an occasional cigar smoker until he introduced Nada to cigars when they met. They love the atmosphere of cigar lounges and the culture of cigar smoking. The more they learn about cigars and the industry, the more they are eager to learn. They attend every event in the area they can, enjoying meeting and talking to cigar makers and smoking new cigars. Because she enjoyed sharing their cigar experiences with others so much, Nada started her own blog and began reviewing cigars.

     In 2011, they were offered an amazing opportunity to own their own cigar brand, and leaped on it without hesitation. They are now proud brand owners of Nadi Cigars, and introduced the inaugural Classic Habano line in November, 2011.