Flavour Packs (5 cartridges per pack) - 3 (5) packs


15 total Flavour Cartridges - 300 puffs per cartridge

4 Delicious flavours you can enjoy everywhere. Find out how New Yorkers are beating the smoking ban and feeling better for it. 

Tobacco: Mild, natural vanilla flavor with subtle notes of wild Kentucky tobacco. No sweetness here, our Tobacco is earthy and rustic yet light and complex.

Menthol: A seductive kiss of mint that freshens your breath as it soothes.

Dark Roast: This home brewed hero was made with Pure Gum Arabica beans, gingko biloba, and a dash of caffeine for a totally eye-opening experience. 

Clove: Enjoy a spicy, earthy and robust clove flavour with a hint of corn sweet, derived from the Indonesian spice. For many, it evokes memories of Christmas and mulled wine.  


  • 300 puffs
  • 2.5 OHM (low resistance)
  • Built-in atomizer
  • Safeguard Tip Design prevents leaking
  • 1.2 ml cartridge 33% larger than leading competitors 

Why Bedford Slims cartridges?

  • Naturally derived flavours and herbal ingredients
  • Special blends exclusively for Bedford Slims
  • Built-in atomizer means a fresh smoke with every cart
Ingredients: Water, Nicotine, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Glycerin
Nicotine Dosage by Strength:

  • Full Flavored: 24mg