Illusione Candela


Pete Johnson of Tatuaje said in a recent interview, "Dion made Candela cool again." He was referencing Dion Giolito's Illusione and his three green creations: ~88~, ~888~ and ~hl~. For the early part of Illusione's storied rise to the top of the cigar world, Dion stuck with using Nicaraguan Colorado Claro amongst his lines, which made sense given that he had access to Nicaragua's best tobacco. However, realizing that he had some extra boxes for his Lancero, the Illusione ~hl~, Dion decided that he would put both a Maduro wrapper and a Candela wrapper in those boxes just to see how things would go.

The Illusione Candela cigar wrapper gives off a sweet grassy flavor and unique aroma to three of Illusione's classic cigars, creating a completely different profile. The cigars are still full-bodied, full-flavor and medium-full in strength, but it's a much different smoking experience. However, due to the extremely difficult nature of fermenting the Candela tobacco, the Illusione Candelas are difficult to make and even more difficult to keep in stock.


~88~ 5 x 52

~888~ 6.75 x 48

~hl~ 7.5 x 40